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Here, I share few insights on my life experiences  including singing, songwriting, fitness, wellness, meditation, mental health, and the creative process as an artist. I may have forgotten a few but hey...What The Funk! It happens 


"The Gift"

"The Gift" 

Oh I’ve learned 

Yes I’ve learned 


Take my words 

Put em on the line 

True colors always show up on time 

But Time don’t tell stories in my mind 

But I’ve learned 

Yes I’ve learned 


Hold my voice like tiger man 

Tell me what, when 

Why I can’t and I can 

No grey area inside my Lid

But again 

Yes I’ve learned 


You’re a big obstacle 

Or you’re my friend 

Cuts too deep to cook up amends 

I'm a Cowboy smoking on the ranch again 

Oh I’ve learned 

Yes I’ve learned 


Don’t give gifts and expect returns 

Or in time your fall flat on your face and burn 

Moral of my story is I hope we learn 

People aren’t objects to be used 

People will talk you to blues 

People will walk on your moon 

like a tune 

Oh I’ve learned 

Yes I’ve learned 


Tell all the people at the top of your lungs 

What You said and What it is that I’ve done 

Peel back the skin and let the red blood run 

Thru the streets, at ease 

And Make sure all your breath is gone when your done 

Take a few steps and acknowledge the sum 

The sum of all things that eventually come 


Oh I’ve learned 

Yes I’ve learned 

Oh I’ve learned 

Yes I’ve learned 


Cheers aren’t always belief and applause 

And a pat on the back can sure feel like a rod 

I’ll take it from here 

I’ll be with God 

on the run 

Once again 


Meaning of the poem...All gifts are not good gifts :) This is what I've Learned 

"The Gift"

"I Don't Know My Name"

I created this art piece for my hometown collective back in October of 2019 ironically called 100th Monkey. The theme of the event was "Childhood Experiance" and This was my project submission attempting to explain something impactful from my childhood. 

The short backstory, 

I was in 8th grade attending Aylen Junior High School and in my history class we were assigned a project that would gather details about our family lineage. I was very excited because I would be interviewing my parents, uncles, aunts and my grandparents for information. And It was during my research and interviews when I learned that on both sides, my father and mothers sides, our last names were those of the slave masters of my great grandmothers. I finished my project with a greater understanding of how slavery had impacted my last name. And with that i also realized i would never know my name. 

Fast Forward nearly 20 years. now  I'm a part of the Tacoma Artist Collective and within this group we host events where we use our art to create experiences that open up dialogue into tough conversations, When I was asked to share an impactul childhood experiance it was this that came to mind. I began to think more about it...didnt began anything and went to sleep. Then i was awaken at about 4am with a tune, I immediatly grabbed my phone and made a voice memo. I recorded the thought then easily returned to rest. Later that day as I listened to the voice note goosebumps covered me entirely. To this point in my life I understand to follow those goosebumps so I turned on my keyboard and went to work. Then I created this tune and called it "Soul Book" at first, but after letting it sit and grow I renamed it to the literal meaning of the experience as "I Don't Know My Name".  


Thank you 🎈Song Will be available on all platformSoon 


Blood stained mouthpiece from my wicked days From the Sinner inside of me I guess that paid Walking...straight into Hell from the Witches spell 12:15 Isaiah 14 Well... Put me on the #tree Put me on the tree and #reform me oh Put me on the tree Put me on the tree and reform me Ladidadidadida Whoa whoa whoa whoa I got the #scars inside my #heart Odds are in my #Hope From the belt beaten on my People’s walk I can’t tred too deep on them Firestones... #IdontEvenKnowMyName