1. Grace

From the recording QRTND

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Written and Produced by Caleb Jermaine
Mixed and Mastered by Les Correa at Soundmind Industries


By Caleb Jermaine

I'm so thankful to be here
Oh yeah
Praise you
Thank you
I'm so grateful to breathe
I'm so grateful to see
Im thankful for your grace
For your protection
For your guidance in each direction
For your power
Your sustenance
When it rains it pours
Oh your forgiveness
Your grace
Mercy endures forever
I will be in place
Let you work
Let you work
Lord just do your thang
When i'm lost in the desert
Your grace is my drank
When i'm overwhelmed with pain
You heal all my wounds
And my dreams so far
But they feel so to be soon
Cause of your grace and your mercy
And your protections
And your guidance in every single directions
Lord knows that i'm fighting
Every single demon that comes against me
Ooo they strong
Lord knows that they strong
Im thankful to be here
Guide my words
Guide my thoughts
For The highest purpose