1. Sunclouds

From the recording QRTND

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Written and Produced by Caleb Jermaine & David Azavedo
Mixed and Mastered by Les Correa at Soundmind Industries


Caleb jermaine and David Azevedo


Breath of fresh air
Sunclouds don’t belong here
But I’ve been here before
Oh oh
Natures sounds fill the air
What a breath of fresh air
Reminding me of things I can’t ignore
Oh oh
Gotta walk, walk
Feel the rain
Feel the grass beneath me
What’s nature teaching
I might fall, i might fall
Can i feel the pain
Fresh air ooooo


Gotta feel the earth under my feet
One by one keep your 6 feet
Do your dance
Rest your stress, believe
Just stay put & quarantine
Call a friend and talk all night
If they need a ear or you start to cry
Soon it’ll end and it'll be history
I know this seems like make believe


Won’t let fear
Won’t let fear get the best of me

It all seams like make believe
It all seams like make believe