Mouth Music

Caleb Jermaine

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Welcome to my space, You are more than welcome to join me on this journey!

This is My First music project that was produced in the year of 2012 and released in 2013. I was at Western Oregon University and recorded all the songs in my apartment in Monmouth Oregon.

Why Mouth Music?

Since I was young Songs have popped into my head. and not just songs off the radio, theses were songs made from conversations and experiances had, as well as wishes i hoped to come true. Growing up I never truly mastered any instrument but sang and beatboxed daily. So when I had the oppourtity to give myself to the universe i wanted to be as authentic as possible.

With that comes Mouth Music, A project produced by mouth, with no written lyrics or structure. Just as I would create on the go as a Kid is exactly how I released my first project. And I appreciate you for investing your time to listen and vibe with me.

"No Pen No Pad" The Title of the first edition of Mouth Music was chosen as a reference to the production of the project in which no lyrics, harmonies or pre mixing was involved.

Lastly & Most Personally The Production of Mouth Music was therapy for me. At this point in my life I was aware that how I was suffering mentally because I was too focused on trying to be perfect in everything I did. So I specifically created my own self healing space with the gift of my voice and the tools I had on hand. Birthed was Mouth Music, from my spirit and initially aimed for me, Now Available for Us :)

Thank You for Raising Your Vibrations With Me

All Love

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