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The Serve Series by Caleb Jermaine

The Serve Series


I've been working all my life but i've never punched the clock! We are all built to serve whether you like it, know it, believe it or not. You see...Well, invest a thought of the tree in its simple form giving us the oxygen needed to be, and as we breathe we nurture the tree just as so....

Or perhaps, may you give space to the seat beneath you and the many layers upon layers of thought generated for it to simply serve you...while you sit and read this 

or sip the tea you brewed yourself that you most likely didn't grow yourself...

or while you enjoy from the mother earth, in its simple form, the flat nutrient laced water only earth can born

may you feel the abundance of service around.


Thank you for being here


Serve Act 1 : Arthur by Producer, Songwriter and Artist Caleb jermaine #Rnb #Pop #soul Music

Serve Act 1 Arthur

Serve Act 2 Iceola by Producer, Songwriter and Artist Caleb Jermaine Music #Rnb #Pop #Rap #Original #Synclicensing #Moviemusic

Serve Act 2 Iceola

Serve Act 3 Energy Garden


SERVE write up by Caleb Jermaine


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