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 Produced and Performed : Caleb Jermaine

 Percussion : Orel Del a Mota

 Mix : Les Correa

 Master : MalcominTheMix

 Music Video Produced : Rie Rasmussen

 Lost Girl | Drone Operator : Nicolette Noble

 Cowboy | Artist : Caleb Jermaine

Thank you to my family for supporting me in my journey of leaping towards my purpose in serving the universe with music. To my mother Denise, and my Father Israel, to my 6 brothers, my nieces and nephews Thank you all. I love you all dearly


I Want to Send a very special Thank You to The Rie Rasmussen, my Queen, the shooter, editor and producer of this music video! Thank you for extending your Unique knowledge, experience and gifts in bringing this song to the screen. I was very honored when you accepted the challenge to shoot this song of many layers. You went above and beyond, even shooting with a broken toe and all. You are a true wonder and I am smiling tough as i write this! Im so happy the universe brought us together in such a way! Together we collaborated and brainstormed but ultimately is was your brilliant mind and follow through that curated this experience and even made my own song speak more to my own experience, and thats magic baby. We are Magic Rie :). Thank you forever, I Love You!!!


Special thanks to my amazing Co-star Nicolette Noble! WTH!!! You rocked this my special friend :) Shooting on camera with you was a wonderful experience. Thank you for being open to playing the "Lost Girl" while also operating the drone in between lol! You are a being of many talents, so creative and i am grateful for you accepting to work on this project with me! I cant wait to work with you again :) Keep Shooting high SuperStar!!!! Love you dearly


And Last, but not least! A Special thanks goes the Music production team. Beginning with my engineer Les Correa at Soundmind industries, My brother, Thank you for recording and mixing this song and taking the time to make sure we were satisfied with our works. We had some unforgettable moments bringing this to life. Good Coffee, and bomb pizza! I appreciate you and what you have added to my journey. To Orel, My brother and Percussionist! Thank you for blessing this track with your spirit! I was honored that you showed up and i look forward to working with you again. To Malcom in the mix at Heritage music group for mastering the song, Your efficiency and communication was flawless and i look forward to working with you again. Much Love my brothers

Thank You With Love,

Gratitude , and my sincerest appreciations


Caleb Jermaine

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